Washington Post Reports on $7.25 Million Indiana Jail Death Settlement by Budge & Heipt

The Washington Post has reported on a $7.25 million settlement achieved by the law firm of Budge & Heipt for the death of Joshua McLemore following his confinement in a small Indiana county jail. The settlement is believed to be the largest settlement for a jail death in Indiana history. From the Washington Post, December […]

Federal Court Upholds $24 Million Punitive Damages Jury Verdict for Wrongful Jail Death

September 29, 2023: Earlier this week, a federal judge in Spokane, Washington issued a ruling upholding a $24 million jury verdict for punitive damages against one of the nation’s largest corporate providers of correctional healthcare. The $24 million jury verdict was obtained by lawyers at Budge & Heipt on behalf of the Estate of Cindy […]

Ed Budge Named 2023 Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Washington Association for Justice

The Washington State Association for Justice has honored Ed Budge as the 2023 Trial Lawyer of the Year. The Washington State Association for Justice is the oldest and largest civil justice advocacy organization in the Pacific Northwest with more than 2,400 member attorneys. In receiving this award, Ed joins a list of distinguished Washington attorneys […]

Restraint-Related Asphyxia in Jail: Proving Causation and Defeating Summary Judgment

Restraint related asphyxia is a topic that’s often discussed in the context of police brutality cases. The death of George Floyd is a perfect example. And, unfortunately, there are many other such examples. Restraint related asphyxia in excessive force cases can occur when police officers interfere with a person’s ability to breath (or when they […]

Obtaining Sanctions for Destruction of Evidence in Jail Death Cases

“Spoliation” is the destruction of evidence, or the failure to preserve evidence, for pending or future litigation. When a defendant destroys or fails to preserve evidence in a pending case, that defendant can face serious consequences. And the principles surrounding spoliation don’t necessarily depending on the presence of existing litigation. Rather, the obligation to preserve […]

Wrongful Death in Jail: Suing for Inmate on Inmate Assaults

Jails and prisons are dangerous places. Violence among inmates is not uncommon. That said, state and local correctional facilities have a duty to take reasonable steps to protect inmates from foreseeable harm by other inmates. And when someone is seriously hurt or killed because the prison or jail breaches this duty, they (or their estate) […]

The Guardian Reports on Jail Death Case Being Handled by Budge & Heipt

The Guardian is reporting on a federal lawsuit being handled by Budge & Heipt, involving the death of Joshua McLemore following his confinement in the Jackson County Jail in Indiana. The entire article, which contains links to video images and photographs, can be viewed by CLICKING HERE. From the Guardian, April 12, 2023: ———————————— Man […]

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