Attorney Erik Heipt Discusses Jail Death Investigations in Virginian-Pilot Feature

The Virginian-Pilot is reporting about the need for accountability in cases relating to deaths of mentally ill inmates in American Jails. The article quotes Budge & Heipt attorney Erik Heipt, who comments on the need for thorough investigations of jail deaths. From the Virginian-Pilot, December 13, 2018: The biggest obstacle to reforming how American jails […]

Dallas ABC Affiliate Interviews Erik Heipt: Deaths in For-Profit Jails

Dallas ABC affiliate station WFAA is reporting on deaths in for-profit jails run by LaSalle Corrections. The story includes information on the case of Michael Sabbie and features an interview of Erik Heipt, one of the attorneys for the Sabbie family: Jailed to death: False paperwork, deaths widespread in N. Texas for-profit’s jails Families say their […]

Budge & Heipt File Lawsuit Arising from Teenager’s Death in Jail

The Tri-City Herald is reporting on a federal lawsuit filed by Budge & Heipt arising from the death of 18-year old Marc Moreno in the Benton County Jail. The 26-page lawsuit names various entities that contracted to provide mental health and medical services for Benton County inmates, and follows a $1.2 million settlement paid earlier […]

Erik Heipt: Government’s Delay in Publishing Jail Death Statistics is Alarming and Unacceptable

The Huffington Post has published an article discussing the U.S. Justice Department’s delay in releasing important data concerning deaths that occur in jails nationwide. The article, which is dated July 13, 2018, explains that this delay prevents the public from gaining access to reliable data concerning jail mortality. Budge & Heipt attorney Erik Heipt is […]

Colorado Springs Gazette Reports on Status of Jail Death Case Being Handled by Budge & Heipt

The Colorado Springs Gazette has reported on recent developments in the case of the death of John Patrick Walter, who died in the Fremont County Jail in Canon City, Colorado. Jail death attorneys, Budge & Heipt, are handling the case on behalf of Mr. Walter’s estate. From the Colorado Springs Gazette: New allegations of brutality, […]

Washington State Settles Budge & Heipt Lawsuit for $1.5 Million

A wrongful death case involving the death of a Washington state inmate has been settled for $1.5 million. Budge & Heipt represented the estate of the deceased inmate. From the June 18, 2017 Everett Herald: State settles prison death lawsuit for $1.5 million MONROE — The attack in 2015 was vicious, quick and deadly. Late […]

New York Times: For-Profit Jail is Accused of Ignoring Man’s Pleas for Medical Help Before Death

The New York Times is reporting on an in-custody death lawsuit being handled by Budge & Heipt. The case relates to the death of Michael Sabbie who died in the Bi-State Jail on the border of Texas and Arkansas: For-Profit Jail Is Accused of Ignoring Man’s Pleas for Medical Help Before Death By MATTHEW HAAG […]

NBC News Reports on Jail Death Case Being Handled by Budge & Heipt

NBC News is reporting on a case filed on May 24, 2017 by jail death attorneys Budge & Heipt. The case involves the death of Michael Sabbie, a pretrial detainee and father of four who was being held at the Bi-State Jail located on the border of Texas and Arkansas. From NBC News, May 25, […]

New York Times Interviews Erik Heipt Regarding Inmate Jail Death

The New York Times has published an article reporting on the jail death of Terrill Thomas, a pretrial detainee who died after being deprived of water in his jail cell. Budge & Heipt represents Mr. Thomas’s estate. From the April 25, 2017 New York Times: Milwaukee Inmate Died After Being Deprived of Water for 7 […]

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