Seattle Times: Budge & Heipt Obtain $1.75 Settlement in Police Shooting Case

The Seattle Times is reporting on one of the largest excessive force settlements paid in Washington state pre-trial: $1.75 million for the January, 2017 shooting of Jeremy Dowell. The case was handled by Budge & Heipt. From the October 3, 2018 Seattle Times: Lynnwood pays $1.75M to family of man shot by police officer Originally […]

Washington State Settles Budge & Heipt Lawsuit for $1.5 Million

A wrongful death case involving the death of a Washington state inmate has been settled for $1.5 million. Budge & Heipt represented the estate of the deceased inmate. From the June 18, 2017 Everett Herald: State settles prison death lawsuit for $1.5 million MONROE — The attack in 2015 was vicious, quick and deadly. Late […]

New York Times: For-Profit Jail is Accused of Ignoring Man’s Pleas for Medical Help Before Death

The New York Times is reporting on an in-custody death lawsuit being handled by Budge & Heipt. The case relates to the death of Michael Sabbie who died in the Bi-State Jail on the border of Texas and Arkansas: For-Profit Jail Is Accused of Ignoring Man’s Pleas for Medical Help Before Death By MATTHEW HAAG […]

New York Times Interviews Erik Heipt Regarding Inmate Jail Death

The New York Times has published an article reporting on the jail death of Terrill Thomas, a pretrial detainee who died after being deprived of water in his jail cell. Budge & Heipt represents Mr. Thomas’s estate. From the April 25, 2017 New York Times: Milwaukee Inmate Died After Being Deprived of Water for 7 […]

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