Budge & Heipt

We are trial lawyers. Our philosophy is simple: We put our heart and soul into every case we take, and we do everything in our power to achieve the best possible result for our clients. What sets us apart from other civil rights attorneys is the small number of cases we accept and our willingness to go all the way to trial. We will never allow ourselves to be overburdened by a large caseload. We purposefully take only a few select cases each year, so that every client receives the proper respect and personal attention that he or she deserves.

We handle civil rights litigation and other cases involving catastrophic personal injuries and wrongful death. We take police misconduct cases involving police brutality, excessive force, and in-custody deaths. We also focus on cases involving egregious instances of jail or prison abuse resulting in death or serious injury. Budge & Heipt has the skills and resources to go toe-to-toe with anyone. We have successfully taken on the government, the police, jails and prisons, and some of the biggest corporations in the world. Budge & Heipt is based in Seattle, but we take federal civil rights cases around the country.

We have handled cases in the federal district courts of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin and Tennessee, and we routinely review cases in other states as well. Our track record speaks for itself. Since the firm was founded in 1998, we have obtained a total of more than $60 million in jury verdicts and settlements, including some of the largest verdicts in the United States for victims of civil rights violations. Our litigation success is directly related to hard work and a passion for what we do.

If your civil rights have been violated or if you would like to discuss a case involving significant injuries or the death of a loved one, we are interested in speaking with you. Please contact our law office for a free consultation.