Fox 6 News: Seattle Attorneys Investigating Jail Death From Dehydration

September 15, 2016:  Fox 6 News Milwaukee Reports on New Findings in Jail Death Case:  Homicide from Dehydration

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office says the death of Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office inmate Terrill Thomas has been ruled a homicide.

Terrill Thomas, charged in connection with a shooting Friday, April 15th at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino was found dead in his jail cell Sunday, April 24th.

The cause of death is was dehydration with other significant conditions — including bipolar disorder, manic type.

Milwaukee County Sheriff’s officials said in a statement issued to FOX6 News a correctional officer at the Milwaukee County Jail reported Thomas unresponsive in his cell shortly after 1:30 a.m. on April 24th.

Sheriff’s officials said Thomas showed no visible signs of trauma, but was not breathing and resuscitation efforts were made by correctional officers and jail nursing staff until MFD emergency medical personnel arrived.

Thomas was pronounced dead at 1:57 a.m

An autopsy examination revealed no evidence of injury. Post-mortem biochemistry testing revealed profound dehydration.

Thomas’ family declined to comment, referring us to their Seattle-based attorney.

“It’s extremely concerning and seems to confirm some of the information that we had uncovered in the course of our investigation,” said Erik Heipt, attorney for Thomas’ family.

Eric Heipt says that private investigation indicates guards had cut off water to Thomas’ cell. The ME’s report notes Thomas was acting erratically in jail, winding up in solitary confinement, in his cell about 23-hours a day.

It also notes water had been cut off to his toilet, something Heipt says another inmate told them.

“There was at least one other inmate, if not two, that became aware that Mr. Thomas’ water had been shut off and was repeatedly urging jail guards to turn the water back on,” said Heipt.

Heipt says the ME’s report is a start, adding the family’s private investigation continues.

“They want some additional answers and they want to make sure this sort of thing never happens again,” said Heipt.

While the medical examiner’s office rules the death a homicide, Milwaukee police will investigate and the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office will decide whether to pursue criminal charges.

An MPD spokesman says that official investigation is also ongoing.

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