Everett Herald Reports: Budge & Heipt Successful in Defeating Qualified Immunity Defense in Jail Death Case

Washington’s Everett Herald is reporting on a recent victory by Budge & Heipt in a jail death case. Budge & Heipt has successfully beaten a defense claim of “qualified immunity” in a case arising from the death of a jail inmate.

The defense of qualified immunity is often raised by the defense in jail death cases in an effort to dismiss such cases before trial. Defeating the defense requires hard work and thorough research in order to demonstrate the the law in question was “clearly established” so that reasonable corrections officers would know that their actions or inactions were unconstitutional. Defeating such defense efforts is often one of the most critical steps in jail death litigation.

The Everett Herald article describing Budge & Heipt’s recent victory can be viewed HERE.

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