Attorney Ed Budge Invited to Speak on Jail Death Litigation

Budge & Heipt attorney Ed Budge will speak to a group of Washington attorneys on the subject of jail death litigation at an upcoming seminar. The seminar, to be held on November 16, 2017 at the Motif Hotel in Seattle, will feature a variety of speakers on the topic of civil rights litigation.

Ed’s presentation, titled “Jail Death Litigation: Overview, Issues and Pitfalls” will focus specifically on litigating wrongful death cases involving deaths that occur in jails and prisons. The subjects of his presentation are slated to include a discussion of standards for proving liability in jail death cases under federal and state law, as well as common pitfalls that await attorneys who are not experienced in handling cases involving the wrongful death of jail inmates. Attendees at the conference will include attorneys seeking to learn more about common legal issues that may impact the pursuit of jail death cases.

Ed focuses primarily on civil rights cases involving wrongful death and serious physical injuries arising out of police misconduct and death or injury that occurs in jails and prisons. Ed has handled numerous in-custody death and serious injury cases in federal courts including in the United States District Courts for the districts of Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, Colorado, the Western District of Washington, the Eastern District of Washington, the Northern District of Ohio, and the Eastern District of Texas.


If you or a loved one has been a victim of serious injury and/or death at the hands of police or in jail or prison, tell us about your case.