Police Misconduct Attorneys and Lawyers: Finding the Best Fit

Finding the best police misconduct attorneys and lawyers for your case can be a difficult process. In our experience, potential clients tend to have similar questions when trying to find the best attorney or lawyer for their police misconduct case.

Q: How much experience does Budge & Heipt have in representing victims of police misconduct?

A: The attorneys at Budge & Heipt are among the most experienced in their field and one of a handful of law firms whose main focus is on police misconduct and jail/prison misconduct cases. The lawyers at Budge & Heipt have represented victims of police misconduct and their families in cases involving restraint-related asphyxia, police shootings, pepper and chemical spray spray, use of batons, use of tasers, use of “less-lethal” force such as so-called “beanbag guns,” misuse of “spit hoods,” suffocation from prone restraint, and other forms of police force. Budge & Heipt has successfully pursued police misconduct claims involving the use of force by state, city, and county police and correctional agencies.

Q: Do you take cases in other states besides Washington State?

A: Absolutely. Although we are based in Seattle, we represent victims of police misconduct occurring around the country, and we routinely review cases from other states. Police misconduct cases, in many circumstances, involve violations of federal constitutional rights. Constitutional rights apply nationwide, and we most often bring such cases in federal court. Every state has at least one federal court. If we accept your case we will bring the case in the most appropriate court.

Q: What our your fees for handling my case?

A: We do not charge a fee for an initial consultation or review, even when it is an in-depth review requiring a great deal of our time. If we accept your case, we charge a contingency fee based on a percentage of the recovery obtained on your behalf by settlement or jury verdict. We use a written fee agreement that clearly spells out the details of our representation.

Q: Will you advance the costs for handling my case?

A: If we accept your case, our standard procedure is to advance all necessary and reasonable costs. We do this because we recognize that these costs can run into the many thousands of dollars and that most victims of police misconduct cannot afford these costs.

Q: How serious do my injuries have to be for you to take my case?

A: We take cases involving wrongful death and extremely serious injuries. If you are unsure about whether your case involves injuries that fit our profile, please inquire for a free consultation.

Q: How do I contact Budge & Heipt for a free consultation about my case?

A: You can contact our firm at any time for a free consultation by using our free case evaluation form or by calling us at 206-624-3060. We do our best to respond to all inquiries promptly.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of serious injury and/or death at the hands of police or in jail or prison, tell us about your case.