Jail Death Cases in Alaska: Finding the Right Attorneys

Finding Experienced Attorneys for Jail Death Cases in Alaska

The attorneys at Budge & Heipt are nationally-known for their work representing family members of people who have wrongfully died in jails and prisons. Based in Seattle, our jail and prison death attorneys have handled prison death litigation arising in Alaska, and are available to consult with family members who have died in Alaska jails and prisons. Since the firm was founded, we¬† have obtained millions of dollars for victims and their families, and have successfully handled in-custody death cases involving county jails, state prisons, private correctional healthcare companies, and private corrections corporations. If a loved one has died in an Alaska jail or prison, and you believe the circumstances of your loved one’s death suggest that the death was wrongful, contact our offices today for a free consultation.

Jail Death Cases in Alaska: Experienced Lawyers

When it comes to lawsuits arising from jail or prison deaths, few lawyers have the depth and breadth of experience as the lawyers at Budge & Heipt. Our firm has successfully handled jail and prison death litigation involving untreated drug and alcohol withdrawal, denial of medical care in jail, inmate-against-inmate assaults, and many other kinds of cases involving wrongful death in jail or prison. Jails and prisons in Alaska are subject to the United States Constitution and must comply with the same United States laws that affect jails and prisons nationwide. Because our attorneys have handled many kinds of jail death cases — including those arising in Alaska — we understand the unique issues that are involved in successfully pursuing these cases. Whether the case arises in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan or any number of other smaller Alaska communities, the attorneys at Budge & Heipt are available to speak with you. We bring years of unique focus and experience to bear.

Jail Death Cases in Alaska: Finding the Right Attorneys

Many lawyers fail to appreciate the unique legal challenges that accompany federal litigation involving the death of an incarcerated person. The lawyers at Budge & Heipt are different than many firms. We focus almost exclusively on wrongful death cases involving in-custody events — such as deaths that occur in jail or prison, or deaths that occur as the result of the use of excessive force by police. These federal cases are not like ordinary cases — they are governed by unique legal standards. Because our attorneys have focused almost exclusively on in-custody death cases for many years and have gained a national reputation in this area of law, we can help family members get the answers they seek and pursue justice when a loved one has died in jail or prison. Alaska, like other western states is part of a federal court system known as the Ninth Circuit. The Ninth Circuit is our “home turf,” and Alaska is among the states in which we litigate wrongful death cases arising from deaths in jail or prison. When pursuing federal civil rights claims arising from in-custody deaths, we believe that preparation and thoroughness is key. When we accept a case, we pursued it aggressively and bring our wealth of legal experience to the table in every case.

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