Excessive Police Force: When is Too Much Simply Too Much?

Police officers are prohibited under the Constitution from using excessive police force. Whether police force is excessive depends on the facts and circumstances of each case. To measure whether force was excessive, courts look to a number of factors. These include, for example, the nature and severity of the force, whether the person presented an […]

Wrongful Death in Jail: Getting Answers When No One Wants to Tell

When seeking answers about a wrongful death in jail, the answers don’t always come easy.  A case handled by Budge & Heipt illustrates this point. Late one Friday afternoon, a man was arrested by county police officers as he was getting off a bus near the town of Lahaina, Hawaii. Officers brought the man to […]

Excessive Force by Police: Lawyers Experienced in Understanding Official Reports

Excessive force by police is increasingly featured in the national news.  When police use excessive force against a citizen, the vast majority of police departments require that the officers complete a “use of force report” describing and justifying the force. In a perfect world, these reports would be detailed, complete, and objective. Unfortunately, this is […]

Anatomy of a Wrongful Police Shooting: Proving Our Case

Proving a wrongful police shooting requires hard work and attention to detail. Ultimately, a jury will need to answer this question: was the use of deadly force justified by the officer’s need to eliminate a threat? Or was it an overreaction in a situation that did not warrant it? Because wrongful police shooting cases often […]

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