Main Practice Areas

Our experienced excessive force and inmate-rights lawyers are dedicated to representing family members and victims of wrongful death or serious injury due to police shootings, police brutality and jail or prison-related mistreatment or neglect. We have obtained some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the country resulting from police brutality and excessive force, as well as prison or jail abuse, neglect and misconduct that results in death or serious injury.

Based in Seattle, the attorneys at Budge & Heipt have won substantial settlements and judgments against police departments, jails, and prisons throughout the state of Washington. Because our work involves violations of the U.S. Constitution, our lawyers also handle cases against prisons, jails, “correctional healthcare” companies, privately-operated jails, and police departments across the nation. We have handled wrongful death and serious injury cases involving in-custody deaths in Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, Washington, Tennessee and elsewhere, and we routinely review cases from other states as well. Our attorneys have obtained more than $60 million in settlements and judgments against counties, cities, states, and corporations.

We invite you to learn more about our focus on police brutality, excessive force, and jail or prison abuse cases by clicking on the links above. Please contact our office online or by telephone to discuss your case. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to do so.

Other Practice Areas

In addition to our work involving police misconduct, excessive force and abuse or neglect in prison or jail cases, we have additional experience achieving justice in other areas.